What’s It Like? EP

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Marketing Timeline

What's It Like Live Session Premiere                                   6/4/2019

UCLA Session                                                                    6/6/2019

Release "Sedona"                                                               6/13/2019

Announce Karen Kilgariff                                                    6/13/2019

On The Porch Sedona                                                         6/17/2019

Jam In The Van                                                                  6/20/2019

TENT "Sedona" Live Session                                               6/24/2019

Release What's It Like EP                                                   6/27/2019

TENT "On The Porch" Good Thing                                       7/1/2019

TENT "Good Thing" Live Session                                        7/9/2019

TENT "On The Porch" Warm Animal                                    7/15/2019

TENT "Warm Animal"                                                         7/23/2019

TENT Music Video "Warm Animal"                                      8/17/2019

TENT "What's It Like" or "Good Thing" Music Video             9/14/2019